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"Searching for resources that produce measurable results can be a painstaking, time demanding task. We've done the footwork for you."

Here are our top recommendations!


"Over the past 6 years on the web we have researched and investigated a ton of marketing resouces and spent a heap of cash so you don't have to."

Here are our top recommendations.

Software and Affiliate Programs

"Searching for Software or Affiliate programs that pay on time, every time can be a costly, time consuming, task. We've done the leg work for you."

Here are our top recommendations!

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Recommended Software and
Affiliate Programs

  • Auto Response Plus
    AutoResponse Plus™ is powerful follow-up and mailing list software for your web site. It gives you the ability to run an unlimited number of follow-up campaigns to thousands of prospects, right from your own web site. you can run follow-up sales campaigns, courses, newsletters, ezines and all your other e-mail marketing campaigns. Find out why many of the web's top marketers trust AutoResponse Plus™ to deliver their ezines and other important messages. See it here.

  • Push Button Letters - Marlon Sanders
    Just fill in the blanks. Click the button. Out pops your sales letter for your product or service. This amazing software allows you to totally customize your web page in ways never before possible. You get your choice of 41 background images, 15 order buttons, 7 satisfaction guaranteed images, 10 professionally designed action images, 224 background and font colors, 14 font styles, 12 font sizes, 6 testimonial designs and 8 different layouts for your features and benefits. This is great, check it out now.

  • Stop Digital Thieves Dead in their Tracks - Armand Morin
    Armand Morin's New eBook Generator 3.0 gives you all the features you could ever want in an ebook software now or in the future. It simply lets you... Discover how choosing the "RIGHT" ebook software can save you THOUSANDS of your HARD EARNED DOLLARS and will even STOP DIGITAL THIEVES DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS! NEW FEATURE: eBook Disabling Feature with NO user codes to buy now or ever. This new feature is 50% LESS than our competitors prices. This is one nifty piece of software. If you publish ebooks, you should get this now.

  • Solo Ad Creator - Raymond McNally
    ATTENTION: You are about to discover a new tool that will dramatically increase your total profits even if you have no experience in the marketing field at all.New Software Creates Profit Producing Solo Ads In Under 9 Minutes And With No Copy Writing Skills Required... Start Writing Your Own Power Packed Solo Ads In Just Minutes.

  • Stop Download Thieves Dead in their Tracks - Mike Chen
    Instantly Terminate Access To Copies Of Your Digital Products That Have Been Pirated, Illegally Distributed, Refunded, Or Are Out Of Date! Integrates Seamlessly In Seconds With ANY Type Of Digital Product Or Payment Processor! We use this on all our products, it's great. If you sell didgital products, you should join this today!

  • Boost Sales By Breaking the Silence of the Web - Armand Morin
    What Time-Proven Secret Pulls MORE Cash Out Of Website Visitors WITHOUT Making You Spend A Nickel More On Advertising? What if your Website could talk? This Website not only talks, but all 9 voice messages you’ll listen to were recorded by phone and took only a few seconds to upload! Capture more sales and profits today with the power of audio.

  • Click, Sell and Earn - Joe Brice-Cohen
    Millions of dollars are eaned per annum by a small group of elite marketers selling digital products. Now you can help yourself to a huge chunk of monthly residuals and grab a slice of the $Millions spent on information everyday on the Internet, USING THEIR EXACT SAME METHODS, SYSTEMS AND SALES COPY... It's as easy as 1,2,FREE! This is hot -Check it out now.

  • Smart Windows Applications
    All Ascentive software includes lifetime technical support and is protected by our no-risk money-back guarantee. Your privacy is assured -- our privacy policy is TRUSTe approved. Ten minutes to a faster Internet connection. Speed up your computer. Protect your personal info. We've got what you need. Great software, great prices!

  • Push Button Publishing - Bryan Winters
    Not Only Will I Show You How to Make Your Living Online, I'll Also Pay For the Products, Services, and Resources Needed to Do It...Guaranteed! If you ever wanted to start your own business or add an ever-increasing arsenal of products to an existing business to increase your bottom line profits, this is the program you need to join. Most products come with full resale rights. This guy buys the products for you.

  • How to Generate a Stampede of New Subscribers - Jason Potash
    Discover How To Generate a Stampede of New Subscribers - While Actually Decreasing Your Workload - Using One-of-a-Kind Submission Software That Puts Your Ezine Promotion on Auto-Pilot! Start your own trun-key business in a few hours.  

  • More coming soon


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