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Not everything is about money. Don't groan. It's true.

Money is not that hard to make. Sometimes idiots
make a lot of money and you find yourself scratching
your head and saying: "How did that nut make it?
I know more than him. I work harder than him. Why
him and not me?"

Why him and not me? It's an interesting question...

(Editors note: We are using the rhetorical "he" if there
is such a thing. We are including women here so
don't send me any hate mail ladies, I just don't want
to keep typing him/her all day.)

At any rate, back to why him and not me?....


Entrepreneurs are a weird lot but they do have certain
characteristics in common.

Here's a quiz for you.

Entrepreneurs are:

A) People who have blue eyes
b) People who wear rose colored glasses
c) People who always see the cup as half full
d) Predators

Successful people:

A) Learn to drive when they are sixteen
b) Drink wine instead of beer
c) Have children when they are nineteen
d) Never take no for an answer

Business People:

A) Dress any way they like
b) Travel by car
c) Pay attention to detail
d) Speak softly

Wealthy people:

A) Spend a lot of money
b) Live by a budget
c) Buy anything they want
d) Disregard others

People Who make it are:

A) Inclined to do Wheelies on motorcycles
b) Try airplane Gliding
c) Cook Something gourmet
d) All of the above.

Those who have made it:

A) Are generally reclusive
b) Have a sense of humor
c) Read Proust
d) Wear plaid


A) Keep secrets
b) Help others
c) Eat only lean steak
d) Own cats

The correct answers to this
whiz quiz can be found below
under the Jane's jingle.


Here are seven:-See if you agree:

Entrepreneurs are:

- Persistent
- Have a sense of humor
- Take calculated risks
- Pay attention to details
- Help others
- Optimistic
- Bend the rules

Persistence, in my book, is probably more important
than brains. I know a lot of people who have had great
business success who wouldn't be able to tell James
Joyce from a rolls Royce, but that really doesn't make
the difference. Sticking to your goal- focusing like a
laser on what you want to achieve and never giving up
are essential to success.

I don't think I have ever met anybody in business whether
on the net or in the bricks and mortar world who isn't
slightly bizarre or eccentric in some way. Those of us
who have had some success in business know how to,
and do, often make complete fools of ourselves. We
know how to laugh at ourselves when we do and usually
we can get others to laugh. Humor and laughing are
two very important elements in success. Without them,
work is just deadly.

Next you need to throw in a little risk taking. If you always
play it safe, you will probably always be sorry and be
forever regretting opportunities that you were just too
afraid to try. But risk taking doesn't mean flying by the
seat of your pants. Before you get into any business
venture you need to thoroughly investigate it and make
sure it is on the up and up. No need to dive in head first,
stick your toe in and try it out. Entrepneurship is really
risk taking tempered with wisdom and experience.

Paying attention to details is critical. If you don't have
a good filing system and can't put your hands on anything
when you need it and are, in general, a mess-forget it.
You will not succeed. Any business takes planning and
organizing. It's boring, drudge work and if you want to
make it, find a way to do it. If you think you can hire
someone to do this while you remain a mess, I think
you will find you are wrong. Your employees will follow
your lead in this area. If you are a mess, they will be
too and so will your business ultimately.

Every business has its routine, boring aspects. Someone
needs to do them and you need to stay on top of the
details as well as the big picture or your business will
get away from you as it grows.

Helping others sounds more like a spiritual undertaking
than a business tactic, but, in fact, it is critical to the
success of your own business. On the net especially,
networking with other people in your business area
is critical. Often that means you lend a hand, teach
them what they need to know-no money involved. It
will come back to you a thousand times when you
need someone to help you or beta test for you or
advertise a product or service that you want to get
out quickly.

There are times, on the net, when we all want to tear
our hair out. Nothing is going right. No one is listening
or responding. All of us get hit in the head once in a
while. The question is are you prepared to get hit in
the head many times and still get up again the next
morning and get right back into the game. If you
answered yes, you are optimistic about your business
and your ability to succeed. This is vital.

As most of you know, I am a New Yorker. We have
lots of traffic lights in New York and you know, when
the traffic light says: "DON'T WALK", in theory you
are not suppose to walk. If you are like me, you look
both ways and, if there are no cars coming, you
walk-even when it says DON'T WALK.

I am in my Australia office right now. In Australia,
when the traffic light says don't walk, YOU DON"T
WALK. Hoards of people stand, at attention, on a
street corner for two or three minutes with not a
car in sight, and they really DON'T WALK. This
probably explains why technical advances in
Australia are about 10 years behind the states.
Bending the rules a bit when no one gets hurt is
par for the course for all business people.

Well I have gone on long enough.
I hope you get
the general idea. Jane

This article was written by
Phil Basten & Jane Mark of JPE Advertising
Co-Editors of: WebPro Times Ezine
Authors of: Joe? Yes, Mable? Are We Rich Yet?

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