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The Future of the Internet:

All over the internet people are noticing a paradigm shift. Business
tactics that once worked well, no longer work as effectively as they
did. The internet is coming of age and it has already commenced
it's next great transition.

Gone are the days when unscrupulous people could throw up a
website and hide behind pages filled with cleverly crafted words
and strategically placed graphics. Today's marketers, business
people, shoppers and opportunity seekers are smarter, more
educated. They want to know who they are dealing with and they
want to see the faces and voices of the owners behind the scenes.
They want to be able to interact.

Good business is about developing lasting relationships and that
can't be achieved to any major degree without face to face, voice
to voice, personal contact.

Yes the internet is changing and it's about time.

So what is this new paradigm shift?

Video and Audio is here to stay:

The Audio Wave:

Audio has been around for sometime now, yet it's surprising
that only a limited number of go-getter business owners are using
it effectively. The majority of websites still serve up the silent
treatment to their visitors. If you want to see a novel way of how
audio can be used, mosey on over to our highly acclaimed
Joe and Mable site and have some fun.

Enter Streaming Video:

Streaming Video has now crashed on the scene. It's new
technology, not without some bugs, but oh so exciting. This is
the future of the internet. Complete website interactivity.

Prospects can listen and watch video presentations that highlight
the most important aspects of your offers and then hop over to
your online conference room for a chat and the help they need.
It helps build confidence and accessibility, two crucial elements
in any successful business. Take our video recording studio for
a test drive now.

At the top of this page you can see a graphic link to our conference
room. This is where we discuss all kinds of deals with clients, via
video and audio, and help them with their needs and goals. We also
plan to conduct training sessions and hold them here in the very
near future. To save you scrolling up to the top of the page, here's
our meeting room quick link. Take a look around and ring the
bell. If we are in the office we'll respond and we'll be more than
happy to show you around and answer your questions.  

The new interactive wave has begun. Soon, silent, wordy, websites
will be a thing of the past and most will fade into oblivion. Don't you
get left behind. You owe it to your business to take a close look at
the video trend today. It's gaining momentum.

We wouldn't be a bit surprised to see all future PC's leave the factory
with inbuilt video cams in the not too distant future. That's how
important this new technology will be to businesses on the internet
in the coming weeks, months and years.

And the point is:

We are in the process of making all our sites interactive. Take a look
to see how we are using the video recording studio and our meeting
room on our sites. It may give you some great ideas.

Link 1 - Secret Site
Link 2 - JPE Advertising
Link 3 - DamnSmart Ads
Link 4 - Joe and Mable Safelist

It doesn't matter if you run a shoe store, newspaper, gift shop or a
radio show online. People like talking to you. It makes them feel as
if they know you. Act now! Don't get left behind this exciting new
trend. You might have a heck of a time playing catch up to your

This article was written by
Phil Basten & Jane Mark of JPE Advertising
Co-Editors of: WebPro Times Ezine
Authors of: Joe? Yes, Mable? Are We Rich Yet?

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