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For immediate release

Over 65,000 WebPro Times Subscribers hear from publishers
Phil Basten and Jane Mark using Worldprofit's video & webcast

Go to www.google.com and enter the word "newsletters" and
you'll get over 23,000,000 entries!

Of these virtually all have a huge problem that WebPro Times
no longer has: They cannot TALK to their subscribers. All they
can do is email them. If you're familiar with newsletter formats,
they almost all look alike. Net result: lower readership and
abysmal response rates.

But not for WebPro Times! Now thanks to 2 of Worldprofit's new
high impact video and webcast products, they are one of the few
publications on earth effectively combating these problems.

Pacesetters, publishers Basten and Mark TALK to all their
subscribers and customers using videos created using
Worldprofit's Instant Video Recording Studio. This amazing
tool is unique to Worldprofit and enables you to record up to
10 HOURS of video each month, 120 hours a year!

Recording these videos is a snap, literally as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Sit down in front of your webcam and hit the record key.
    Say what you have to say. (While you can record videos
    of any length, an optimum length is about 15 minutes per video.)

  2. Click the stop key when you're finished. Then replay to see
    what you've recorded. If you don't like it, re-record; if you do,
    hit save.

  3. Click a button to create a link to your video. This link can be
    used in

    * your newsletter
    * individual ezines
    * signature file
    * on any page of your website
    * in advertisements, etc.

Set up on your Instant Video Recording Studio is automatic. Ten
MINUTES from now, you can have your first video online or in your
newsletter and email!

Newsletter publishers like Basten and Mark find this astonishingly
simple tool the perfect way to introduce their editions, promote offers
and individual articles, showcase authors, and turn drab ads into
video ads that get responses.

The cost is incredible, too. Just $45 a month with no long-term

Or give yourself two FREE months of service (that's 20 free hours
of video recording) by paying just $499.95 up front a year! To see
sample videos, go to


and click on Instant Video Recording Studio

For questions or to order, mailto:webprotimes@jpeads.com
with your name, business, address, phone. Or, call us at

Using the Instant Video Recording Studio your newsletter will
come alive with human voices and pulsate with excitement!
See for yourself! WebPro Times also uses Worldprofit's
Webcast Meeting Room to talk to their customers and
subscribers LIVE!

The Meeting Room is webcast technology at its finest and
easiest. Now people worldwide can visit your Meeting Room
and talk to you LIVE without paying a penny. Watch your visits
and sales soar as you talk to people worldwide and make
sale after sale and deal after deal!

You can have meetings of one-on-one or meetings of a hundred,
your choice. We'll post a "door bell" in your Meeting Room so
people can summon you by bell or email. We'll design your
Meeting Room to suit your fancy, including links to your video
recordings, web site, products, services, order instructions, etc.

Your Meeting Room requires no special equipment, just a headset
and webcam. People can speak to you using video, audio or by
typing in their questions. You can have any number of guests
live on video, too.

Your Webcast Meeting Room will quickly become one of your
most visited pages, and most lucrative! A real workhorse, you'll
find yourself meeting prospects and scheduling productive
meetings in it every single day.

To see a Webcast Meeting Room demo go to http://www.worldprofit.com/video_closing_room.cfm?id=10304

For questions or to order, mailto:webprotimes@jpeads.com
with your name, business, address, phone. Or, call us at

WebPro Times understands that the future of the Internet is video,
the ability to communicate to all your subscribers, customers and
prospects using video. With Worldprofit's Instant Video Recording
Studio and Webcast Meeting Room talking to them, training them,
motivating and exciting them is a piece of cake.

See for yourself at http://www.worldprofit.com/default.cfm?id=10304
where you can see Worldprofit's complete line of webcast and video
products and services.

Be sure to attend a free webcast and learn more.
For free registration, go to http://www.worldprofit.com/default.cfm?id=10304

To subscribe to WebPro Times and see just how smart Publishers
Basten and Mark are using these cutting- edge video/webcast services,
go to http://webprotimes.com

To get a video or standard ad in WebPro Times, go to
http://jpeadvertising.com or to see Basten and Mark's
celebrated Joe & Mable Show, go to http://joeandmable.com

Phil Basten, President of JPE Advertising, has 35 years in the marketing
world, both online and off. Among his positions was creative director for
Ogilvy and Mather.

Jane Mark, CEO of JPE Advertising, specializes in building business
assets. Before becoming involved on the net and creating WebPro
Times, she ran a multi-million dollar Real Estate Investment Company
in New York.

For further information and a demo of the products mentioned in this
media release contact Jane mark and Phil Basten at,
mailto:webprotimes@jpeads.com with your name, business,
address, phone. Or, call us at 212-475-6001.

This media release was written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
of World Profit on behalf of
Phil Basten & Jane Mark of JPE Advertising
Co-Editors of: WebPro Times Ezine
Authors of: Joe? Yes, Mable? Are We Rich Yet?

[-------END ARTICLE -------]

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