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I have a dog named Huck Finn. He's just a wee bit
of a thing - a Pomeranian - 6 pounds, if that.

Whenever I tell him we are going on a Huck Finn
Adventure, the tail starts wagging, he starts bouncing
up and down. He knows exactly what I mean.

We are going out into the big world and we never
know what we will find.

Mostly we just go for a Mr. Softee which is an ice
cream truck where you can get the best soft chocolate
ice cream in America.

Hucks and I take turns licking the cone and we
collect quite a few stares from on lookers, but we don't
pay them any mind.

It's kind of the same in business.

If you are not on an adventure, then you might as well
get your self a nine to fiver and call it a day.


How many of you who work on the net are working
nine to five - raise your hands or waive or something.

I don't see any hands and I think most of you know that,
if you are running your own business on the net or
anywhere else for that matter, you are working far longer
hours and many more days then if you have a regular
nine to five. It's just the nature of the business.

Oh, I know, you've read all those residual income books
that tell you you can just work a few hours a week and
set it and forget it and the money will just come pouring
in. If you believe that, you might as well take up basket
weaving or feeding the birds on your calendar.

If you are not on an adventure in your business everyday
then you are probably bored to tears with it or worse not
really committed to it and it will show in everything you do.


How do you know when your business is an adventure.
It's simple. If you wake up at six a.m. every morning and
run to the computer to see what has happened during
the few hours that you grabbed some shut eye, you are
probably on an adventure.

If 10.00 a.m. comes and goes and you have not had
the time to make a cup of coffee or grab a piece of a
toast, you are probably on an adventure.

If you promise yourself you will make an early night of it
and have a great dinner and some wine and then find
yourself back at the computer sending out ads, you are
probably on an adventure.

If the phone is ringing and you ignore it, you are
probably on an adventure.

If you aren't quite sure what day is Thanksgiving or
Christmas or if its Monday or Sunday, you are probably
on an adventure.

Oh, I know, what about stopping and smelling the
roses? Isn't that important too. That is precisely the
point. Your business should be your roses, your ice
cream sundae, your lover (well maybe that's carrying
things a bit too far).

If you live, eat and breathe what you do, it will show
up in your work - others will sense it and want to know
you and work with you.They will sense your adventure
and want to become part of it.

It doesn't take much. All you really need is energy,
persistence, patience and an ounce of creativity.

If these are in short supply, get your self a dog, name
him Huck Finn and you too can be on anever ending

This article was written by
Phil Basten & Jane Mark of JPE Advertising
Co-Editors of: WebPro Times Ezine
Authors of: Joe? Yes, Mable? Are We Rich Yet?

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