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Phil and I received a letter recently that broke
our hearts. It was from one of our safelist
members asking to be removed from one of
our lists.

We, of course, obliged him and let him know
that he had been removed. We received the
following letter from him (which we are reprinting
here with his kind permission)

"Hi Jane,

Thank you for your help, I appreciate it. I have
come to the conclusion that I will not get rich and
be able to retire from the profits off of the 'net' LOL.

Actually, there are sooooo many programs out there
and I don't have any luck competing against all the
others who are just trying to recruit each other.

At first the hope of success kept me going but after
about a little more than a year now, I have decided
to 'hang up my mouse'.

I don't want you to think that it was anything about
your safelists, quite the contrary, I will be stopping
all my safelist memberships.

So again, thanks for your help and I wish you and
your ventures the best of success.

Have a great week,

Rod Parker"

We read and re-read the letter. Something about it
haunted us and it affected both of us in a very
personal way.

In the course of doing business on the internet, we
read a lot of stories about people who have been
defeated by the net's web - but "hanging up my
mouse", as Rod put it, seemed to us the best
description of the frustration so many people feel
when there is no real guidance to help them wind
their way through the maze.


I suppose that at one time or another, everyone
gets discouraged on the net and feels like "hanging
it up". I know I have felt like that on more than one

Sometimes I go through a few days of answering
one horrid or angry letter after another and I say
to myself " Who Needs this?"

No matter what I advertise or how good the product
or service is, no one responds and I think "Why am
I bothering with this? What am I doing wrong?"

These are the times when I feel like "hanging up
my mouse" too.

What can you do when those moments of discouragement
seem so overwhelming they almost engulf you and snuff
out the fire you once had?

Go back to the drawing board and retool.

Retooling for the Times Ahead

No matter how much we think we know about our
business, we can always learn more.

When everything slows to a crawl and no one is
purchasing your product or service, STOP! Take
a some time off. Take an hour off, take a few
days off and start to read. Read everything and
anything you can get your hands on. Ezines,
e-books, other people's ads - anything and
everything that may jar your thinking, pique
your curiosity and give you some new ideas or
a new approach.

Secondly, don't panic. If you have a good product
or service, you will sell it when you find the right

Hanging up your mouse is not the solution and
the more times we read and reread Rod Parker's
letter, the more Phil and I became determined to
keep providing people with marketing tools and
information that will help them succeed on the
net and keep their "mouse's" moving in the right

Stay tuned folks. Our new Mastermind mentoring
forum will launch soon to help people just like
Rod as well as seasoned marketers.


This article was written by
Jane Mark of JPE Advertising
Co-Editors of: WebPro Times Ezine
Authors of: Joe? Yes, Mable? Are We Rich Yet?

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