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Published by JPE Advertising

Volume 1 - Issue 124 - Monday, Jan 12, 2004

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Special Edition and Special Contest!

And now for something completely different...

Guess What? I'm a Star* in the Net's FIRST Soap Opera!

We are not going to run our usual ezine today because we have a very important announcement for you.

We also have a very special contest for you later on in the issue so please read this all the way through carefully.

We are sharing a secret pre - pre launch only with our WebPro Times readers and members of our Advance Notice list, and that's it.

Once Upon a Time...

For a long time Phil and I have believed that there is more to marketing than simply writing ads, pinching ads from someone else or, sitting at the computer all day trying to figure out where the best places are to advertise in any particular month.

Two years ago, we started an ad series with the title: Joe? Yes, Mable? Are We Rich yet?

It was a series of ads based on zany, sometimes ridiculous conversations between two characters known as Joe and Mable.

The ad campaign was a great success.

We used it to advertised our Solo Ad Product, DamnSmart Ads (DSA Solo
Ads) and apparently people like the ad campaign. We were flooded with
orders, sometimes more than we could handle, and I had some pretty late nights trying to fill all the orders in one day.

It taught us a valuable lesson:

If you want to get noticed and stand out in the crowd, do something that is completely different even at the risk of falling on your face and failing with it. There is a lot competition on the net and if you don't stand out you get buried fast.

The first thing we did was to write an ebook about this ad campaign to share what we did and learned. You can read all about it at: http://jpeadvertising.com/jandm

Enter a Nutty Partner...

The book, Joe and Mable, got a great reception from people and we decided to show it to some "marketing experts" to see where we could go with this little gem.

Enter a very good, slightly nutty writer, Kenneth Doyle, who took one look at the book and said: "This is funny stuff and people should know about it
both inside and outside the marketing world. Let's do a net soap opera using the characters, Joe and Mable, and lets get some other people involved in it."

Phil and I loved the idea and, three months later, the net's first comedy soap on marketing was born and started to take shape.

Enter the Gurus (or experts as they like to be called):

We took the idea of this soap opera to some of the heavy hitters on the net and they loved it.

Our idea was to have the marketing gurus appear, as themselves, on the Joe and Mable show. Not in the usual way you see them, by interviews or writing stuff about their marketing prowess or any of the other "normal" sales stuff that marketers do.

Our idea was different. We wanted the marketing experts appear in a humorous, zany, wacky way, where people could enjoy them as real people and have some fun with them as we, and they, poked fun at themselves.

It worked:

We took the idea to some of the best marketers on the net and they all wanted in on this zany new show. So, joining us in order of their appearance are: Jim Daniels, Ken McArthur, Mark Joyner, Capriccio Restaurant, Joe Vitale, Mike Glaspie, Tom Hua, Eva Browne-Paterson, Shawn Casey, George Callens with others knocking on the door to get in now.

The Result...

Joe? Yes, Mable? Are We Rich Yet?

The Joe and Mable show...

Drum roll please, here it is:

Why a Pre-Pre Launch to the
WebPro Times and Advance Notice Lists?

On January 15th, we will officially be in pre-launch. The launch of the first 12 episodes of the zany antics of Joe and Mable is scheduled for March 1st 2004.

You guys are important to us and we wanted to give you a heads up on this very unusual adventure.

You don't need your wallets, purse, pocket books or handbags. It's free to sign up. It's free to listen to the show. And, the best part, is you can become an affiliate and sell Joe and Mable products. That's free too (or it will be as soon as Joe gets it done. He tells me this part will be active by January 15th, 2004. I will make sure it is and send you a notice about it then.

So you see there is not much you can lose here. In fact you can't lose anything at all, nada, zip, zilch. The only thing you might lose is that dour look you have when the day hasn't gone too well.

We know we can put a smile on your face or at least a smirk and, for a few minutes, maybe even make you laugh out loud. Try and stop us...

Here's What We'd Like You to Do.

First Go to the site and listen to the first page intro and the beginning episode on page two of the website.


Next, Give us Your Feedback on the Show.

We'd like to hear your thoughts: good, bad or indifferent so please give us a buzz at: mailto:joeandmable@jpeads.com?subject=J_and_feedback
sign up as a club member and as an affiliate and grab a Joe and Mable
decal for your site. They are going to be a hot item. You don't want a naked website. It's all free and its great fun.

Now Here Comes the BEST Part...
A Very Special CONTEST!

We want your testimonial. We want your name up in lights before others climb on board and that is why we are pre-pre launching to our WPT and Advance notice readers.

Here is what we are going to do.

We are going to take the 10 best testimonials, written and recorded by you, our list members, and put them up on the Joe and Mable website.

This is outstanding exposure for your own link that would literally cost you a small fortune to buy.

Why is that? Because our guest stars listed are going to do two mailings to their lists, enormous lists. They are going to mail to their lists once during pre launch and once again right before the episode they appear in.

This means your testimonial could be heard and viewed by millions of people. You simply cannot get better exposure than this so get your entry in now!

Read our "Your name in lights letter" below, pick up the phone and give us your thoughts, preferably funny ones in keeping with the zany nature of the show.

To cover ourselves, we are obligated to give you this warning:

WARNING: Do not drink coffee and listen to the Joe and Mable show at
the same time.

Here's how you make a testimonial and enter our contest. Read the info below. And wish us good luck folks, We're on a wild ride here...

All the best

Jane Mark (AKA Mable)
Phil Basten (AKA Joe)
Publishers-WebPro Times

Your Name in Lights-Testimonial for Joe? Yes, Mable Are We Rich Yet?

Your Name in LIGHTS...

We are pre launching the Joe and Mable show on January 15th, 2004


YOU can have your name in lights right now.

Why would you want to?


Here is our line up of guest stars:

Joining us and appearing as themselves in Cameo appearances in the show are (in order of episode appearance)...

- Jim Daniels
- Ken McArthur
- Mark Joyner
- Capriccio Restaurant
- Joe Vitale
- Mike Glaspie
- Tom Hua
- Eva Browne-Paterson
- Shawn Casey
- George Callens
- and others lining up now...

Our guest stars will be doing a mailing to their lists to announce the Joe and Mable show during our pre launch and once again right before their appearance date.

This is a data base mailing to millions.

You testimonial can be viewed by millions and that's the best kind of free publicity you can get.

Here's all You Have to do...

Listen to the Joe and Mable first page audio http://joeandmable.com

Next: Listen to the Beginning episode which sets the stage for the episodes
to come at: http://joeandmable.com/intro.html

Then write out a testimonial and record it as follows:

Dial: Your toll-free testimonial recording line is: 1-800-609-9006 .
(International callers use: 678-255-2174

You will be prompted to put in a number. Put in 7679.

Then just follow the instructions after you hear our greeting and away you go. You're all set. Please let us know you have sent us a testimonial by clicking on the link below:


Please send us a written copy of your testimonial as well (include your url)
and add an image of yourself (.gif or .jpg file)

We will put the 10 BEST testimonials on the site in the order received so get busy on this. Don't delay. Pick up the phone and let us know what you think. You can make your testimonial as zany as you like. Remember this is a comedy. Have fun!

Oh, and did we mention that this is our shout...

That's Australian for:

The call is free. It's on us. So do it today and see your name in lights tomorrow.


Jane Mark
Phil Basten
Kenneth Doyle


This is a commercial email
from the offices of:
Joe and Mable
8/9 Holdfast Promenade
Glenelg, South Australia 5045