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Volume 1 - Issue 118 - Monday, Nov 24, 2003

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What A Day!
The Weather's grand all over the net.

Welcome to The WebPro Times. The ezine where business people, opportunity seekers, entrepreneurs and professional marketers meet.


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Our Format for the WebPro Times is:

--> Editors Article
--> Guest Article (as they are approved)
--> Janes Jingle
--> Contest of the Day (win prizes)
--> Smart Tip of the Day
--> Smart Resources of the Day
--> Smart Freebie of the Day
--> Continuing Saga of J and P (NEW - listen in)
--> Feedback

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Got a minute? Can you give me a couple of minutes of your time? Can you spare a few minutes? These are common expressions. We use them everyday when we want to get someone's attention. What we mean is: Can you give me a few minutes of your unconditional, undivided , concentrated time but, that's a mouthful, so we shorten it to: Got a minute?

When people say "Got a minute?", my partner Phil takes them quite literally and begins to count backwards: from 60 - In fact when we first met on the net he did this to me when I wanted to know something about a website he setup for me.

If you have ever been the victim of this ploy, you will know it is quite disconcerting but, it does get you to focus on what you want to say.


Getting people to focus on what you want them to is an art. We are all bombarded, on the net, with "stuff" everyday. Those people who can get us to focus, get our attention.

If you want someone to focus in on something important, what should you do to gain their undivided interest?

Let's Take an example:

Lets say you are offering a special deal to someone. You have created a website that describes the deal in detail and you send off an email:

Hi Jane and Phil,

I think this may interest you. Take a look.




Hmmm... In all likelihood, Jane and Phil will trash this email and it becomes a wasted effort.

Now, suppose you send a different kind of email...

Hi Jane and Phil,

I am personally inviting you to join me in something that I think is right up your alley. Here's what it will do for you:


1) It will bring many new subscribers to your ezine quickly.

2) It allows you to sell software that all your advertising customers will love and I've made sure that you get a very special deal. You can test the software for free and, if you like it, I can get you a 60 percent commission instead of the usual 50%.

3) I can have this all in place for you within 48 hours. I'll do all the work. Just send me the following information:

- Company name
- PayPal Address
- Contact email.

That's it. You're done

I know you will love this. Thanks for your interest.



Now we have a horse of a different color. Jim has made life easy for us. What has he accomplished in this second email? He has done the following:

  • Lay out the benefits to us in two short, easy to digest paragraphs.
  • Made getting involved a one, two , three easy as pie breeze. This is the less work for Mother, syndrome and it works like a charm. Those that employ it are much more likely to get noticed because they have put in the work necessary to get our attention. Quite often they do.


You want to make doing business with you a snap. You want to create an atmosphere with your partners or your affiliates that is a simple for them to follow as ABC.

You do the work. This may include doing banners or writing ads or setting up rotators for your affiliates. For partners it may include setting up all the forms they need, marking them out in red so they know where to fill in the blanks - whatever it takes to make it easy.

If you are doing an ad swap with someone, send them the ad, properly formatted indicating where the ad starts and where it ends.

There is a reason people use the expression: "Keep it Simple, Stupid." (KISS). To do otherwise is a turn off for most people.

Set up things simply and clearly for your partners or members and you'll soon find out that have many more partners or members than you imagined possible.


For our new readers: You should know: We always end our articles with a jingle to emphasize the point. You can capture the essence of our articles in the Jane's Jingle section every week.

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Jane's Jingle is the summary and conclusion of the editors article and
generally captures it's essence so if you need to cut to the chase, you can always skip straight to the jingle :-)


Kiss me once and kiss me twice and kiss me once again
Make this your mantra and get life to bend
Simplify your thoughts, mark them out in red
You'll soon be on the fast track to getting well ahead.

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BEYOND EBOOKS - 10 Powerful Alternative Infoproduct Formats
Part 1 of 2 - Copyright 2002 Super Profitable Products

There are literally hundreds of new information-based eBooks being released every day.

Is the market saturated? Do you stand a chance? How do you make your product stand out from the crowd?

No doubt, there is still very good money to be made with eBooks. But, it is getting more difficult to stand out from the crowd.

You have a topic, you have the knowledge, you know that people will want to buy what you have for them, so how do you get to them?

The answer, alter your format. There are many different information products you can use to package your knowledge. Even better...

Many of these can be far more profitable than the oft- used eBook.

Here are 10 alternatives to eBooks you can use to sell your knowledge - 5 in the first part, and 5 more in the next part.

         1. Special Reports

Highly focused documents used to address one specific topic. Provide readers with essential information they want or need right away. Range from a few pages to 20 pages or more. Typically sell in the range of $5 to $25 or more depending on value of the information.

2. Booklets

Similar to special reports, but generally sold as tangible products (paper and ink). Same price and page range as special reports - with added benefit of expanding markets to offline as well as online customers.

3. E-course

We have just started to see use of electronic courses on the internet. Many are still offered for free to draw prospects to product sites or for online branding purposes. However, there is no reason why a detailed 6 or 7-part e-course could not be sold for $20-$30 - similar content to an eBook, but delivered in parts right to the inbox of your customers.

4. Teleseminar

30-minute to 2-hour, or in some cases longer, seminars that you charge to provide customers your knowledge on particular topics. Range in price from free to several hundred dollars. Teleseminars have the added option of recording the session, providing you with an audio product you can market. Often you can get 30-40 or more subscribers to pay $20-$40 each for the telesminar, then charge something similar for the audio product to a much wider market later on.

5. Audio Version of your eBook

Many people now have tons of eBooks on their computers that they have not, and probably will not ever look at. Given our busy lifestyles, recording your information into your PC or recording device and converting it to .wav, real audio or mp3 format give your customers the ability to take your information with them "on the run" Often you will get from 25% to 50% more for an audio version of your product over an eBook.

WARNING! Don't Even Think About Developing Your Own Infoproduct Until You Have Discovered the Blockbuster "Insider" Tips Found in Jeff Smith's Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package. Get the Exact Techniques You Need To Earn Maximum Profit From Your Information. Visit: http://www.infoproductcreator.com

Want to get noticed? Submit an article for review and if your article is just
what our readers need to hear, we will include it here in our guest experts
spot. Your articles must be on some aspect of online marketing that works.

Submit your articles here.

You could become quite well known.

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Contest Winners November 3 - issue 115

Last weeks Contest:

We decided to do something a little different last week. We ran a marketing smart tip of the week. If you have a hot marketing tip - Something that actually works for you to generate traffic or sales - We will feature the winners smart tip in our Smart Tip Of The Day Section along with your url. This adds up to some great exposure for you.

The Contest was won by Michael Nigro. His tip appears in the smart tip of the day section.

We are going to run this contest again in a few weeks. The tips don't have to be complicated, in fact simple ones are often the best. Start getting yours ready now for the next contests. Best 10 tips win a spots in our weekly tips section.  

This weeks contest:

It's Thanksgiving and that means a pilgrim test... There are 3 questions. First entry received with all 3 answers correct wins. Let's see how good you are...

  1. How long did the first Thanksgiving celebration last?
    One day, Two days, Three days, Five days, Seven days

  2. Who was the Pilgrim leader that invited neighboring Indians to the first thanksgiving?
    William Penn, William Bradford, Miles Standish, John Bunny, Button Gwinnett.

  3. Which U.S. president officially proclaimed Thanksgiving to be a national holiday?
    John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson,
    Millard Fillmore.

This weeks prize - 10,000 contact solo ads.

Send your answers to...

Contest Rules: First correct entry received wins.

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Today's tip was provided by Michael Nigro
one of our valued readers

Tips for generating more sales and traffic.

1. Create an Ad with a giveaway.

2. Create an ebook to (small) easy to download) pack it with free tools and information and add a couple of paid programs you are affiliated with. If you organize it well, and allow the reader to get the download link easily and then give it away themselves, what have you done?

1. You have put a download on their desktop...
2. You have created a mini brochure of products you earn money with...
3. You have created a viral advertising tool.

How can you do this right now yourself.


Grab a copy of the professional grade software you need here..
and you'll see how easy it is. This software makes creating an ebook a breeze...

SIDEBAR: You can even charge people for replacing your links with their links in the copy of the ebook they give away. This is called branding. If your links are for those programs that have two levels of commissions, you earn commission even if you sell branded versions. It's a win/win idea for everyone.

J Michael Nigro

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Recommendation & Review:

Increase your sales conversions like magic

It is not that often a service comes along that can make a real difference in your websites conversion rates. Most that claim they can do this fail miserably.

We'll here is a service we endorse highly. Even Mark Joyner, the founder of the ad tracking industry applauds this service.


Take it for a spin today and see just how powerful this new ad tracking technology is. Your bottom line will welcome the effort.

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Add Thousands More Opt-in Subscribers to Your List

Imagine getting an unlimited number of new subscribers for your newsletter - totally free of charge. Wouldn't that be great? You bet it would. And thanks to GetFreeSubscribers.com, you can make it happen.

There's no doubt that a solid 100% opt-in email list is the best way to build an online business. But building up a substantial mailing list has always been a difficult, expensive and time-consuming process.

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Check this great free service out now...

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This week you can either read the continuing saga of J and P or you can listen in on it instead. We just thought you'd like to hear the unique mix of J's raspy, loud, New York Accent and P's softer, more laid back approach... Either way turn up your speakers and have some fun with us today...


Yes J?

Got a minute?

Oh P, get off it it. I need to talk to you seriously.

Why J, are we about to have philosophical discussion?

Yes, P. We are. I want to know why people always complicate things and why they just can't put things in plain English and get to the point.

I see, J. We are in a serious mode and you want me to put on my serious hat.

Well, P. That would be refreshing for a change.

What was the question again, J?

Kiss, P Kiss. That is the question.

You mean right here J, where people are listening?

What do you mean right here where people are listening. What are you talking about, P?

I am talking about a kiss, J. Isn't that what you just asked me about?

I am talking about Keep It simple Stupid, not a kiss.

Sorry, J. Guess I misunderstood.

Misunderstood, my foot, P. You are deliberately avoiding the question I am asking.

No, J, I am listening to you. I just thought a kiss sounded more interesting.

P, you really could sometimes just give me a minute of your time.


Yes J?

Don't start...

Phil Basten & Jane Mark
Publishers - WebPro Times

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Reader Feedback

Tell us what you think of the WebPro Times. Let us know how we can improve the ezine, plus tell us the marketing tools that are working for you so we can share them with our readers. Be sure to include your URL in your tip.

Email us here...

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