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Volume 1 - Issue 117 - Monday, Nov 17, 2003

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What A Day!
The Weather's grand all over the net.

Welcome to The WebPro Times. The ezine where business people, opportunity seekers, entrepreneurs and professional marketers meet.


Our Format for the WebPro Times is:

--> Editors Article
--> Guest Article (as they are approved)
--> Janes Jingle
--> Contest of the Day (win prizes)
--> Smart Tip of the Day
--> Smart Resources of the Day
--> Smart Freebie of the Day
--> Continuing Saga of J and P (NEW - listen in)
--> Feedback

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Get Ready For A Revolution

For the first time ever TV and the Internet join forces. They have a plan for changing lives around the world. It’s very impressive. Check it out. This is exciting...




If you could get Mark Joyner, Joe Vitale, Mike Glaspie, Tom Hua, Ken Macarthur and Eva Browne-Paterson all involved with a project-would you?

Of course you would. These are all people who have had great success on the net. They have a lot to offer and a lot to teach and we would all like to work with, learn from and listen to them if we had a chance.

You might say this is the Dream Team of internet marketing.

What if you could assemble a Dream Team of marketers? Wouldn't you try or would you be afraid to ask? Afraid they would say no.

If you don't ask, you will never know and you will just hear the word no churning around in your head forever.

If you have a good idea - a really good idea that you have planned out, put down on paper, weighed the benefits of and decided you were gung ho on investing your money and your time in it, then maybe, just maybe you could convince some of the big guns on the net to go along with you.

If you don't ask, you'll never know.


Phil and I are not shy. We ask.

We cannot tell you right now what the Dream Team of internet marketing will be doing with us, but it is really fun and exciting and zany and, of course our, WebPro Times readers will be the first to know when this project gets closer to its release.

We can tell you this. You will love it. It's wild, It Whacky, It's zany and It's free. You will be able to become an affiliate and it will change the face of marketing on the net in a very big way.

So stay tuned as we build the Dream Team of Internet marketing. We will let you in on this as soon as we can.

But it's not the point of this article.

The point is more mundane:


Here are some steps you may want to follow if you want to bring a plan to fruition.

  1. It always starts with an idea: Having an idea is great, but not all ideas are equal. If you have an idea, write it down and then ask yourself some questions before you get too wrapped up in it.

    First question: Is there money or some equally valuable consideration in the idea both for yourself as the creator of the idea and for those who you want to get involved with you. It is especially important that you consider the benefit to those who will work with you. These can be members of your program or Joint Ventures partners or mentors or whatever. There must be a benefit for them first and foremost. The benefit to you may come later but if you have no real long term benefit in mind for those you work with, your idea is doomed to failure. It will be short lived and unrewarding.

    Second question. Assuming you believe your idea will have long term benefit for you those around you, the next question is what will you get out of it.Clearly none of us want to work for free. You need to examine the benefits to yourself over a period of time and see if you can gain from the effort you plan to put into developing your idea.

  2. Research your idea: You may feel you have the most unique or novel idea on the net and that no one else has done it before. You may be wrong. Check it out. Do your homework. Go do some searches on Google or your favorite search engine and put your keywords in and find out what is already out there.

    Maybe there is nothing like you have in mind. Maybe there is something similar but you feel you could do it better. Maybe there is nothing like it out there and you are going to be the first.Those are a lot of maybes and depending on the answers you get, you need to decide if you want to go on or not.

  3. Moving Ahead: Lets say you decide to go on. After your research, you are convinced that your idea has merit. Next question is how much time and energy are you willing to put into seeing your idea through from beginning to end. Put it down in writing.

    How long will this project take from development to launch time. How much time per week are you going to allocate to it to get it done professionally? How much will it cost? Can you afford the cost? Do you need to bring on a partner to help you with the costs of development? It is absolutely essential that you know the time and cost factors of developing an idea. If you don't, you will never have a clue as to how to recoup your costs when you bring your idea to market.

  4. Assess Your Market: Next you need to understand the current marketing environment around you. You may be able to afford the costs of your project, but it may be too costly when you have finished it for the market place around you.I can't tell you how many times, Phil and I have reviewed an ebook for someone or a new product coming onto the market and just couldn't go forward with a recommendation on it to our readers.

    Sometimes we think the product is just great and we test it and it really is all that the developer said it was, but it was so expensive that realistically it was out of the reach of most people and we must reluctantly decline to become involved in it.

    This is because Phil and I are watching the market place all the time for new products that are both good and affordable and the two don't always go hand in hand. You need to be on top of the market too at all times if you are going to navigate your idea through the net waters and make it a success.

  5. Measure Your Passion: Perhaps the most important thing you have to ask yourself is: am I passionate about the idea I am about to undertake? If you are luke warm on it, hesitant and tentative, you will inevitably communicate this to others around you and it will be very difficult for you to get people to go along with you if you are not deeply committed to and excited by your own idea.

    Be prepared to have pizza instead of home cooked meals. Forget about answering every phone call and every email you get. Sex may go out the window for awhile and you may even forget your mother-in law's birthday. Whoops! It happens when you are wrapped up in developing an idea. If you can deal with this, then you too can develop your own dream team or dream on the net.

What are you waiting for?


For our new readers: You should know: We always end our articles with a jingle to emphasize the point. You can capture the essence of our articles in the Jane's Jingle section every week.

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Jane's Jingle is the summary and conclusion of the editors article and
generally captures it's essence so if you need to cut to the chase, you can always skip straight to the jingle :-)


An idea is a child to whom you give birth
You need to nurture it to realize it's worth
You need to infuse it with passion and honey
And know what it will cost in time and money
You need to pursue it without any fear
Writing down plans to make sure they're clear
If you are persistent and have a dream
You too can put together your own dream team

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~ Mom's e-Business Tips ~

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How To Find Golden Ideas To Create
Infoproducts On Discussion Forums

Copyright 2003 - Jeff Smith

Let me start off with a wild guess!

You either think discussion boards are a bleeping waste of time - because so many of them are full of junk, or ....you think of discussion boards simply as a method of getting your questions answered.

What you probably HAVE NOT done is mine them for golden nuggets that you can quickly and easily use to create infoproducts that will sell like crazy.

Software, eBooks, special reports, services, it doesn't matter - you can create infoproducts of any kind. The #1 difference between creating hot selling infoproducts is finding high-demand infoproduct topics.

Here's how.

First, let's start with how you find super profitable product ideas, then I'll give you some forums I bet you've never heard of before.

So how do you single out discussion board content that you can use to create infoproducts?

  1. Learn to scan your favorites daily

    Pick at least 6 of the best quality, highest traffic discussion boards in your area of interest. We'll give you some options below. Make it part of your daily MO (Mode of Operation) to capture potentially hot ideas for creating infoproducts using the techniques below.

  2. Look for "Idea Triggers"

    These include questions "How Do I", "Where can I find...", "Does anyone know where...", "Wanted..."

    Idea Triggers may also be statements of frustration or disapproval like "I wish there was a way to...", "It would be so much easier if...", "I can't believe I had to..."

    It's quite rare for any single question or statement to have only been made once on popular forums - chances are you will often stumble on similar questions or desires.

  3. Pattern Watch

    Think of yourself as a detective Joe Friday. You want to learn the sometimes hidden desires and motivations of your buyers.

    Consistent patterns of questions, expressions, ideas, frustrations or rants will serve as great input into your goal of creating infoproducts.

    A common detective technique is to look for patterns of behavior. Find a few questions and search forum archives over a 3-6 month period to see how many others have asked similar questions. It's incredible when you see how similar we all are with our wants.

  4. Look for Hot Spots on Discussion Forums

    Another technique is to search for the posts with the most responses - many forums have this as an archived search, if not, you can easily scan to see the threads with the most responses and views.

    Again, this will help you quickly focus in on pockets of high emotional demand - exactly what you want to create your infoproduct.

  5. Go fishing - post inquiry questions

    You may have posted specific questions on boards before to answer a very urgent or focused question you may have.

    But - how about posting questions about a certain topic to see if you can generate idea triggers.

    You'll see the big names in any industry doing this once in a while. They typically keep a low profile, then come out of the woodwork to ask the group a question about a certain topic.

    Guess what - they are collecting information to create their own infoproducts.

    They are fishing, looking for a school of fish within their market - then when they find something, they'll set the hook with the perfect bait to capture that group's attention, not to mention their wallets.

  6. Start your own discussion forum

    While won't happen overnight, there have been many examples of forums ramping up on high demand subjects in as little as 30-days.

    Running your own forum lets you test markets, build your online brand, provide an endless source of product ideas and a test bed for your new concepts and products.

5 Free Forums You Need To Be Watching!

Here are a sampling of the forums I keep a regular watch on - and have used to build new market understanding as well as several profitable product and marketing ideas:


2 Membership Forums I Couldn't Live Without

It's inevitable, as forum owners strive to keep their forums valuable and attractive to the big, successful names in their industry - they move to a paid membership model. Here's 2 that I've found incredibly valuable:


The internet is LOADED with high quality discussion forums on a variety of topics. You should be using this to discover and test your product ideas.

If you want to create infoproducts that sell like wildfire, then make it part of your daily routine, before you know it, it will become a habit and you will be all the richer for it.

Create Infoproducts To Market and Sell Online!

Ultimate Infoproductcreator

You REALLY can create infoproducts - your own income-generating eBooks, special reports, courses, seminars, audio's or videos. Discover how to find subjects that have hungry markets right now!

eBook Secrets Exposed!

Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel have put together a dead-simple, powerful and wealth creating guidebook on exactly how to create infoproducts that will put money in your pocket. There's no theory here, just the step-by-step instruction of how these authors have turned information into wealth again and again. Highly Recommended!


Want to get noticed? Submit an article for review and if your article is just
what our readers need to hear, we will include it here in our guest experts
spot. Your articles must be on some aspect of online marketing that works.

Submit your articles here.

You could become quite well known.

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Contest Winners November 3 - issue 115

Last weeks question:

In what year did Sir Anthony Hopkins star in a film called Magic?


We had a large number of people reply with the correct answer but the prize goes to Stella Madsen as her answer arrived first.

Stella Madsen

This weeks contest:

This week we are doing something a little different. We are running a marketing smart tip of the week. If you have a hot marketing tip - Something that actually works for you to generate traffic or sales - We will feature the winners smart tip in our Smart Tip Of The Day Section along with your url. This adds up to some great exposure for you.

This weeks prize - 10,000 traffic package to any website you want (full stats included). Winner will be decided by our marketing staff. Runners up will be featured in the Smart Tip Of The Day Section in the coming weeks.

Send your answers to...

Contest Rules: Winner will be decided by our marketing staff.

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Expose Your Website Free

Expert marketers usually have Ezine Advertising in the top 5 methods they use each day to earn obscene profits. Here's a way to get some free advertising on a regular basis and it's one of the most effective methods ever.

All you need to do is write a series of articles on a marketing topic that interests you and then send these to ezine owners all over the net. If your articles are good and offer real help and advice, you should get a lot of them published.

Key points for a great article.

  • Your articles should be no longer than 500 words
  • They should be on a current topic or a niche new market
  • They should offer real help and advice (a step by step how to guide)
  • You should write as if speaking to a friend or one person
  • You should let your own words and personality shine through
  • They should contain a 6 line resource box including your website link.

It's not hard to become an expert on a topic. Just read everything you can lay your hands on on the topic you choose and then tell people about it in your own words.

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Recommendation & Review:

A New Secret Weapon to Increase Sales

I bet there are times when you wish there was a way to get inside your customer's head? You could get to know more about them and be able to ask them questions like why didn't they purchase your product.

I bet there are time when you wish you could appear on your web site in person and ask your customer if they need assistance?

We'll, you can do all this and a lot more With InstaHelp. This is the new age technology in Live Support. Now you can take your business to the next dimension.

Click here to get more info on this incredible software -->

PS: We downloaded the free trial of InstaHelp recently and we were extremely impressed by how easy it was to use and the overall functionality of the program.

PPS: Did you know that when you chat to a customer, they are 3 times more likely to buy from your site and that their orders are up to 35% larger on average? They are also twice as likely to return to your site within a day! Go and grab your free trial of InstaHelp today.


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Put A Zing In Your Website

Designing a website doesn't need to be a chore when there are a number of websites that allow you download professional templates you can use to add pizzazz and flair to your site.

Here are a few good ones to check out


To get more sites like these just do a search on Google using "Free Templates."

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This week you can either read the continuing saga of J and P or you can listen in on it instead. We just thought you'd like to hear the unique mix of J's raspy, loud, New York Accent and P's softer, more laid back approach... Either way turn up your speakers and have some fun with us today...

J and P


Yes, J

Are you impressed that we were able to get all these mentors to come on board with us for a wild ride on the net?

Yep, J. I am impressed but not as wide eyed as you are.

I am not wide eye, P. I am just eager to see what is going to develop and to have some fun with this.

J, you have been babbling on about this for days, Don't tell me you are not wide eyed.

P, I am not wide eyed. I am excited, that's all. This was our idea and we are making it happen and I am excited. I know all you Aussies have this laid back, relaxed attitude, but surely you can understand excitement.

J, Excitement to me is when the crows win the finals over Port Power.

The what win the what over who, P? Who are the crows and port power? They Sound like birds flying into an electric wire.

J, You have been in Australia for over a year. don't you know who the crows and Port Power are?

I haven't the foggiest P. In New York we look to see if the crows fly straight - those are the only crows I know of.

You really have led a sheltered life over there on Central Park, haven't you?

Never mind my life, P. Who are the crows and the port and can I drink it because you are making me dizzy here.

J, I will let you discover this one for yourself. I have enough work to do
teaching you about the net, without having to get into the crows and port power.

Well P next time you ask me something about America, I am going to clam up on you and refuse to answer it and see how you like it.

J, Is that a promise?

Yes, P that's a promise and not only that I am never telling you anything about anything. You are going to remain my partner in the dark and see how you like it.

J, If I am your partner in the dark I won't be able to see how I like it.


Yes J?

Don't start...

Phil Basten & Jane Mark
Publishers - WebPro Times

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Reader Feedback

Tell us what you think of the WebPro Times. Let us know how we can improve the ezine, plus tell us the marketing tools that are working for you so we can share them with our readers. Be sure to include your URL in your tip.

Email us here...

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