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Volume 1 - Issue 115 - Monday, Nov 3, 2003

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What A Day!
The Weather's grand all over the net.

Welcome to The WebPro Times. The ezine where business people, opportunity seekers, entrepreneurs and professional marketers meet.


Our Format for the WebPro Times is:

--> Editors Article
--> Guest Article (as they are approved)
--> Janes Jingle
--> Contest of the Day (win prizes)
--> Smart Tip of the Day
--> Smart Resources of the Day
--> Smart Fre.ebie of the Day
--> Continuing Saga of J and P (NEW - listen in)
--> Feedback

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Hey, it's three days past Halloween and we all got through it safe and sound. At least we hope all of you did.

We are not convinced that Halloween ever ends on the net. Phil and I usually find that something spooks us everyday. Sometimes it's candy and sometimes it's ghosts. Sometimes it's eerie and sometimes its bats...

But something unusual happens everyday.

If it didn't, we would probably jump off the balcony of our beach front home in Australia or bolt the doors of our office loft in New York. We love the unexpected and expect it to happen every day. It never lets us down.

What happened this week? We'll let you know a bit later on.

For now, we'd like to pick up where we left off last week, embroiled in trying to uncover where email advertising is going in the future and what you, as business people, need to do to protect yourself under the new Spam laws that are exploding all over the web.

Here's what we are doing...


We spent the better part of the week revamping all our sites and getting the wording right to reflect the new antispam laws that are about to descend on us all like a bat out of hell.

We reviewed last week's wonderful guest article, written by one of our partners, John Glube, about the laws that are in the pipe line.

We wanted to make sure that we covered all bases as best we could when we write up agreements for our safelist members or ezine subscribers.

Here is the disclaimer we are now using for the WebPro Times when people subscribe. See what you think and see how you can apply it to your own ezine, safelist or email campaign. WebPro Times Subscription Agreement:

Subscribe to the WebPro Times.
Meet P and J in person - Listen in live on the web.
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Subscriber Terms
New laws dealing with email are coming in to force soon. This affects providers like the WebPro Times.

Without boring you to death, what this means to you is that when you subscribe to the WebPro Times you are giving your express consent to the following. You understand and accept that you may/will receive in-house advertising from The WebPro Times and third party advertising (customer advertising) transmitted via the WebPro Times Ezine.

This includes but is not limited to, updates, special mailings, solo advertising, regular issues of the WebPro Times and any/all other mailings that may be sent by Jane Mark and Phil Basten, publishers of The WebPro Times.

Okay, are you still still awake? Still wish to subscribe to the WebPro Times? Good on you... Join other top marketers as we unravel the techniques that will help you succeed.

First Name
Last Name
Email Format Text HTML
Agree to Terms
Subscribe Unsubscribe


If you are running your own sites and your are involved in advertising in anyway, you need to put something similar on your sites and on your sign up forms.. We decided to liven it up just a bit by adding some humor in the end. It is a deadly boring subject, after all, and you want people to subscribe without turning them off by all the legalese.

Now back to this crazy week.


We had a crazy week and can only attribute it to Halloween happenings.

Tuesday: Jane's computer crashed but was restored miraculously by someone remotely entering her computer from a local computer repair shop and clicking around and restoring the systems. VERY SPOOKY to watch.

Wednesday: we launched a new business opportunity which mushroomed a bit out of control. More founder partners signed up than we anticipated. That was Halloween CANDY.

We added an additional 1,000,000 (that's one million) readers to our GEN partnership database (Global Ezine Net work) which is a group of of 72 wonderful ezine owners who we work with on various JV deals. GEN now has a database reach of over 2,000,000 readers. Zowie and holly cow! More CANDY.

Thursday: The bats appeared.

We received a letter from a lawyer trying to silence us and a verbal threat from his client trying to intimidate and silence us.

We were giving advice to our readers on what not to do when someone makes a complaint and we used, as an illustration, this perfectly awful experience that we had in our hometown of Glenelg Australia.

Well, apparently the owner who runs the establishment we reviewed got hold of a copy of the WebPro Times (how we will never know) and decided that Phil and I single handedly were responsible for ruining his business and he wanted a public apology.

It seems that the more well known you become on the net, the more likely it is that you will receive a letter from a lawyer about something you are saying or doing. It goes with the territory. We pick up the phone or send an answer in writing. Most of it is pure nonsense, but we never ignore it.

Friday: Some twit on our lists managed to get a porno ad by our script filters and onto three of our lists. We found him and deleted him - wiped him out of database and would have fed him to the sharks if we had him here in person. We performed an exorcism on him and then sent a note to our members telling them he had won the losers grand prize of the day, a deleted account and a permanent banning from our lists.

Saturday: We hung a sign out. Gone Fishing.

Sunday: We are writing the WebPro times and thanking our lucky stars that Halloween has finally come and gone.

Whew! I guess we are lucky we got through this week at all.

Now why are we telling you about what happened this week. It really isn't simply because we like to hear ourselves talk...


If your work schedule is anything like ours, you put together lists and plans of what you hope to get accomplished during the week. Phil and I have endless lists that we work with and cross off items as they get completed, but... what happens when all sorts of other events intervene that you did not quite plan on or expect?

What do you do when the best laid plans of mice and men are apt to go astray and you are confronted with "emergencies" of one sort or another?

  • The programmer goofs up your script. You can't launch on time.
  • Too many people sign up for your program all at once and you can't service them in a timely fashion.
  • Your most reliable list server company all of a sudden has a server nervous breakdown and you can't get your messages out.
  • Your computer crashes and you spend all day figuring out why it is doing battle with you.
  • Your email accounts fill up with unanswered questions from the day before when your computer crashed. And on and on...

Everyone in business experiences this kind of interruption on a regular basis. You learn to expect the unexpected and, if you are wise, you will plan "unexpected" into your daily and weekly lists. We are serious. You need to have a time set aside and marked out in each of your days called" unexpected".

If you pack with your day full of items you must accomplish and leave no room for the unexpected, you will always be falling over yourself to finish what you started.

And if it is the week of Halloween, the ghosts and the goblins are sure to be out in full force so double up on your unexpected's. Hope you all had a calmer week than we did.


For our new readers: You should know: We always end our articles with a jingle to emphasize the point. You can capture the essence of our articles in the Jane's Jingle section every week.

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Jane's Jingle is the summary and conclusion of the editors article and
generally captures it's essence so if you need to cut to the chase, you can always skip straight to the jingle :-)


Halloween has a way of haunting
It really can be quite taunting,
The ghosts and the goblins are out in force
And you need your wits to manage, of course.
Here's what to do when besieged by a twit
perform an exorcism and don't you dare quit.
Make your list, plan for the unexpected,
You'll soon get done what you've elected.

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How To use Split-Run Testing to Raise Your Conversion Rates"
by Merle http://MCPromotionsPress.com

Have you ever heard the phrase "split-run testing?"

No? If you have a website and you're trying to sell something online, you need to know about this valuable testing process that can increase your bottom line.

Split-run testing is where you create different versions of a sales page (for example) to test its effectiveness. When users enters your site, they're shown one version or the other. Once you do this enough times you can easily see which version converted visitors into buying customers. Are you following me here?

The benefits of split-run testing are many. You can see at a glance what's working and what isn't. By testing different versions of your copy and tracking
what converts, you can make permanent changes and see an increase in your sales with the same amount of traffic. When you improve your conversion rates, the money you spend on marketing will work harder for you as more of your site's visitors make the leap from browsers into buyers.

If your sales copy is ineffective, all the traffic in the world will not increase your sales activity. By testing and tracking and finding out what does and doesn't work, you can incorporate changes that are proven winners and make more money. Sound good? Of course it does.

So what kinds of things might you want to test? Some people might start with two different versions of their sales letter (for example, your home page). Then once they finish testing the copy itself, run tests on more specific elements like including more or less testimonials, the headline, adding a Post Script or not, etc.

There are many different factors that you can test, but for the most accurate measuring results, the trick is to test only one component at a time. You'll
also want to allow each test to run to between 500 to 1000 unique visitors before coming to any conclusions.

Here are some things you might want to test:

1) Your Headlines
2) Different Design Elements of Your Site (i.e., fonts, colors, etc.)
3) Sales Letter
4) Navigation Structure of Your Site
5) Bonus Offers
6) Pricing Points (high or low)
7) Long Copy Versus Short Copy
8) Different Advertising Strategies such as banners, ezine ads, pay per click copy
9) Openings/Closings
10) Order Forms

So now that you have a clear idea of what "split-run" testing is, how do you do it? There are many different software packages out there that can do the job for you.

Let's review some options:

1) Split Test Generator: http://splittestgenerator.com

This script is free to download and once it's installed on your server, you simply enter two web addresses into a form and press submit to start the testing process.

2) Scientific Internet Marketing Assistant:

Created by Duncan Carver, who is an absolute genius when it comes to online marketing. It's hard to believe he gives this software away for free, but he
does. It allows you to run multiple tests simultaneously, broken down into individual campaigns. You can test five different test subjects against each other at once.

If you need help with installation or have some questions on the script's workings go to Duncan's forum http://www.marketing-strategy.org/forums/
You'll find plenty of other test users willing to answer your questions or provide assistance.

3) Sales PageMaster Pro: http://salespagemasterpro.com

This $149 software package runs on UNIX systems. You'll need access to your CGI bin and the ability to run Server Side Includes on your site. You decide
what to track, actual subscriptions, sales, etc. You can also enforce a fixed deadline for special offers.

4) Split Hits: http://splithits.com

Install this $29.95 PHP database driven software and it will automatically rotate different versions of your website, so you can see at a glance which ones
are outperforming the others.

5) Scientific Web Marketing System: http://profitinfo.com/catalog/v4/

A script that runs on your server and is UNIX based. This software works by constantly displaying different versions of the same web page at the same url. Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and sells for only $37.97.

As you can see, testing and tracking what works and what doesn't isn't that hard -- and can save you a lot of money in the end. Without testing, you have
no way of knowing what's working with your marketing efforts, and that's like playing pool in the dark.

You might be able to feel your way around, but you'll have no way of knowing if you're aiming in the right direction when it comes to sinking the ball in the

Converting visitors into buyers is the name of the game online. Isn't it time you found out if all your hard work is paying off?

Merle http://www.EzineAdAuction.com
"Where some of the BEST Deals in Ezine Advertising are Made"
Buy & Sell Ezine Ads in a live auction setting!
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pick up some Fantastic bargains. Go now.
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Want to get noticed? Submit an article for review and if your article is just
what our readers need to hear, we will include it here in our guest experts
spot. Your articles must be on some aspect of online marketing that works.

Submit your articles here.

You could become quite well known.

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Contest Winners October 27 - issue 114

Last weeks question:

What internet Guru is a J.D. and recently released an ebook on internet law?

Shawn Casey

Stella Madsen - http://r9dlc.com/index/99772.html

This weeks question:

Name three consecutive days, without saying, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday?

This weeks prize - One free membership and 10.1 bonus rotations in our Instant Cash Magnet Program. You too can become a Cash Magneteer.

Send your answers to...

Contest Rules: First correct answer we receive WINS!

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How to Get More Traffic Than You Can Handle...

One of the biggest problems you can face as a marketer is how to get quality traffic to your website. Smart marketers know that quality traffic = more money in their pockets.

So if you are ready to start making more money... Here's a proven way to get the type of traffic you need.

Go to http://google.com and do a search for businesses that are similar to yours, or compatible with yours, but which are not in direct competition with your site. Try to collect those that look like they get a lot of traffic.

Now. Create a notepad file of all the URL's you find. You may want to do this over a few weeks or months.

Here's what you do...

Go to the site, look around and, if you like it, write a glowing testimonial for that site (include your name and url) and email it to the site owner along with your permission to publish it on his website. 

Do at least 5 of these every day. At the end of 3 months you may have 100 testimonials on high traffic sites all sending traffic to your site. If you have a strong sales site with a great product, you could easily see an upsurge in sales that will amaze you.

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Recommendation & Review:

If you have been on the web for any length of time you would probably run into a character called, Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale. He is the pioneer of Hypnotic Marketing.

If you haven't read any of Joe's powerful ebooks, do yourself a favor and at least add Hypnotic Marketing to your marketing library. It's an insightful, eye-opener that will definitely give you some sleepless nights.

Check it out here -->

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A Useful Tool For International Clients...

Ever had a client go to your website. Then send you an email asking you what it's all about because they don't read English all that well? Here's a useful Free tool you can send them that could help you make a sale and a happy customer to boot.


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This week you can either read the continuing saga of J and P or you can listen in on it instead. We just thought you'd like to hear the unique mix of J's raspy, loud, New York Accent and P's softer, more laid back approach... Either way turn up your speakers and have some fun with us today...


Yes, J?

You know, everyday you have a list and I have a list and at the end of the day, the things on my list are always crossed off and the things on your list are not.

And your point is, J?

My point is that I am getting my lists done and you aren't.

And your point is, J?

That's my point. What do you mean and your point is. Stop saying that, P, you are driving me crazy.

And your point is...

You are really just exasperating sometimes, P.

And your point is...

Stop saying that. Did you lose your tongue all of a sudden. My point is you need to get this stuff done. I want to go on to new stuff.

Am I holding you back, J?

Yes you are holding me back. I can't go onto new stuff by myself. I need you.

Well, J, at last. Music to my ears. You need me.

Yes, P! I need you, but I need you to get the stuff done, that's what I have been saying.

well, J, I think you have made your point.

What point, P, I don't see that you are doing anything about it.


yes, P?

don't start...

Phil Basten & Jane Mark
Publishers - WebPro Times

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Reader Feedback

Tell us what you think of the WebPro Times. Let us know how we can improve the ezine, plus tell us the marketing tools that are working for you so we can share them with our readers. Be sure to include your URL in your tip.

Email us here...

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