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Volume 1 - Issue 112 - Monday, October 13, 2003

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What A Day!
The Weather's grand all over the net.

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Web Pro Times - Issue 112, October 13, 2003


Advertising is serious business. If you are in this business, you need to know what is going on all over the net. If you don't keep your eyes and ears open, you may wake up one day and find that your website, your ads and your sales campaigns are obsolete. No one will be buying your products and you won't know why.

Phil and I have our eyes and our ears open all the time. This is a must. Our customers expect us to develop the latest marketing tools for them to use or find them when we don't develop them ourselves.


It is clear to us, that in order to compete in a very large and constantly changing net market place, serious marketers need to augment and expand their sales approaches.

A few weeks ago we sent you a video email that we made from VM direct.

This is a new company which specializes in video streaming techniques in order for people to be able to send a video email to their clients. It is the beginning of a new wave and new age of technology where your clients will insist that they get to know you personally and if you are using a website as your only means of communication with your customers, you are going to be at a distinct disadvantage.

While video email is certainly one of the things you consider in your arsenal, it is, at this time, relatively expensive and not particularly well suited to the mass marketing that net marketers engage in on a daily basis. It's great for sending to friends, business colleagues, and for fortune 500 companies, but it is not yet cost effective or advanced enough to send to the masses yet.

We are convinced that at some point the cost will need to come down, the technology will improve and eventually it will be used by most marketers.

The most cost effective and ready to use tool right now is audio. You can record your message either over the phone or use your own microphone or you can hire a professional to make your recordings for you.

This technology is extremely easy to use, inexpensive and it is a highly effective way to get your message out to the public in a way that makes them sit up and take notice. In fact, if you put a talking message next to a picture on your website, people will get to know you must faster and feel a personal relationship developing with you.

If you don't have a picture of yourself on your website, please put one there. Anonymous websites are a thing of the past. Everyone is going to insist soon on getting to know you. Your website needs to start asserting itself and letting people know who you are or you will be buried by those who are doing it now.

Remember. "We tend to buy more readily from people with whom we feel a relationship growing."

A Picture and your voice can do wonders to help this relationship grow.

Many companies have already begun using audio technology to enhance websites. We use audio generator. We have found this site to be extremely reliable, simple to use and cost effective, which is what we look for in all our marketing tools.

We sent out the following message today to try it out and we have already placed a message on three of our websites and will soon have all our websites up and talking. You should strongly consider doing this too.

We don't often insert an ad in the middle of our publisher's article, but we are making an exception today. We want you to see how this audio technology works in the real world. Tune in now and see what you think, then take a moment to go to our websites and see how we have used this audio technique in a brand new, powerful way.

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Silence is not always golden

Why not give some life to your websites today?


Take a listen and see what I mean. We are using this technology on all our websites now:


Let people know who you are. Talk to them. Tell them what your websites about.

Audio generator is as easy as picking up the phone, dialing a number, plugging in your user id and talking...That's it. That is all there is to it. If I can do it, Anyone can do it. Come into the new age on the net.

Don't let your website or your ads suffer in silence.


Want to hear more about Audio Generator? Listen to and read The WebPro Times today. Our editors article will be devoted to new technology on the net.

Subscribe free at: http://webprotimes.com

All the best
Jane Mark
Phil Basten
Marketing Tools that Make sense.

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The theme of the WebPro Times has always been, "The Times they are a changing".

You need to keep ahead of the times if you want your business to remain viable in a very competitive market place. Keep your eyes peeled for what is coming down the pike on the net. Silence is not always golden. You can take this to the bank. Don't get left behind. Make your websites and emails talk now!


For our new readers: You should know: We always end our articles with a jingle to emphasize the point. You can capture the essence of our articles in the Jane's Jingle section every week.

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Jane's Jingle is the summary and conclusion of the editors article and
generally captures it's essence so if you need to cut to the chase, you can always skip straight to the jingle :-)


Silence is golden for children and dogs
Don't just sit there like bumps on logs
Move into the new millenium, the future is sound
Get your site moving and launched off the ground
If you delay and wait you may soon find
That the rest of the world has left you behind.

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How To Show Honesty, Build Trust and
Make Your Business More Believable?

By Denise Ryder

You are racking your brain trying to figure out, even after writing a sales letter that pulls, why people still aren't buying from you.

You check your sales letter and see that you have followed the checklist to a "T." You have:

1. An attention grabbing headline

2. You have an extensive list of bullets highlighting all the incredible benefits your service/product offers.

3. You have included a few FANTASTIC bonuses just to sweeten the deal and make sure that your customers are getting more in "use" value then they are giving in "money" value.

4. You have EVEN created the best guarantee every seen of the face of the earth that gives your customer "nothing to lose."

ALL the things that the components are there for a successful sales letter... and yet...

You still are not making the sales...what gives?

I can probably tell you "what gives." Your customer doesn't believe you and if they don't believe you they won't buy.

Think about doing business online. There is never any chance for these customers to meet you. They have never seen or even touched your product. They don't know how long you have been in business. They can't really tell how credible you are, let alone if you are for real.

This is a challenge, no doubt, however, there are some things that you can do to help make yourself more believable. With believing comes trust and trust leads to profits. So let's look at a few things that you can work into your web site's homepage to hit home this issue of believing you.

Suggestion #1: Tell me your story...

Help me build a relationship with you by telling me who you are and what prompted you to offer this particular product/service.

What is your story...

If you are into health products then tell me why you take these particular products. What were your symptoms or conditions that lead you to taking these products and then share with me the results you have gotten as a result.

If you are a car mechanic, then tell me why you decided to go out on your own. What did you see that you perhaps didn't like in car mechanics out there and your story in setting to change it.

If you are a offering a service like accounting, marketing, legal, why did you spend the years it took to obtain your degree. What was it that drove you to this particular discipline and then tell me why you are targeting my kind of business. What did you find that was missing and what do you offer that fills that gap.

It boils down to relationships here and again the fact that people do business with people they; know, like and trust. If you let them get to know you, they hear a little bit about you they start to see that "hey he/she is just like me!" from there they tend to let their guard down and the trust starts to build.

Suggestion #2: Don't talk to me in generalities... give me specifics...

When you tell me what your product/service does for me, or why I need it in my life...then be specific.

Don't tell me I could lose 10 pounds in 30 days, when in actual fact I will lose 9 pounds in 26 days. If that is the case then tell me that.

Don't tell me that I will get my ad sent to 1700+ safelist members, when in actual fact my ad is going to 1743. Again, if it is going to 1723 members then be specific.

Specifics are more believable.

You tell me... If I told you I sent an article out with a resource to an ebook and sold 24 copies in 3 days. Or that I almost made $350.00 which do you believe?

When in doubt...actually there should be no doubt. ALWAYS be specific.

Suggestion #3: Prove It To Me...

If you are promoting a weight loss product that you have used then show be the before and after photos. If you have won 35 awards, then show me the pictures. If you are making money through a given program then show me the money...or I mean your checks or statements.

The proof is in the pudding...so show me the pudding ;o)

--> Pictures - before and after
--> Bank Statements (Clickbank, Paypal...etc)

Suggestion #4: Testimonials...

It's one thing to show or explain the results you are getting by using a product/service... but when you show me there are others, again like me, also getting results.. then "Hey, put me in coach!"

Testimonials prove that others besides you are getting results, that if you can do it, others can do it too. However, there is a key to using testimonials and here it is.

Use a wide variety of testimonials. See the thing here is that one of the things you have to prove is that THEY (your prospect) can do it. If you use a variety of testimonials then there will be some from people who they can relate and identify with. Which shows them again, these guys are just like me and yes, if they can do it, then so can I.

Word of advice...when you ask for your testimonials make sure they follow the same suggestions that I have given you above. Make sure they are specific and the testimonial provider tells their story.

Suggestion #5: How Come?

Tell your customers why you are making such a great offer.

No one believes that you have slashed your price because you are such a great person. However, if you say you want to get your product in the hands of another bunch of customers to gather more proven testimonials, then, that would work.

When you are making an incredible offer then state why, give a reason for doing it and be honest. It truly is a big credibility/trust booster.

Again, it boils down to people NOT wanting to be SOLD they WANT to BUILD a RELATIONSHIP. Business is about relationships. The one you have with your customer is of prime importance because once it has developed you'll
reap the benefits of profits...and even repeat profits.

How cool is that!!


If you don't have a checklist to follow about how to write a good profit-pulling sales letter, then take the time out and get your hands on Turning Browsers Into Buyers. It will take you step-by-step through all the elements which make a good sales letter and don't forget to
add in the tips above. Check it out here:


Denise Ryder is a Marketing Coach
and is owner of ProfitSpace Newsletter
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sign up process into a profit puller for
your eCourses, Reports and Newsletters?
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Want to get noticed? Submit an article for review and if your article is just
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Submit your articles here.

You could become quite well known.

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Contest Winners September 29 - issue 110

Last weeks question:

In what month and year was the Magna Carta signed or sealed and by which English King.

Winner: Adrian Brown.

The Magna Carter was signed on the 15th June 1215 AD at Runnymeade just to the right of the M25 Motorway, not that far from Heathrow airport, but about 830 +years early. We used to say at school it was signed at lunch time (12.15pm) when asked where it was signed the reply was at the bottom!

Great answer Adrian - You won a free Instant cash Magnet Members with bonus rotations

This weeks question:

Who originally wrote the song; This land is your land, this land is my land.

This weeks prize - One Free mailing to 80,000 Members on our vast list hosting network.

Send your answers to...

Contest Rules: First correct answer we receive WINS!

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Myth: You can pick up viruses by visiting WebPages.

Wrong. No Cigar. The only way you can get a virus on your computer is by loading or installing an infected file. Infected files are spread a number of ways, but the most common is via email. So one way to prevent your computer from getting infected is to be extremely cautious about opening attachments even if they come from a friend. If you are in any doubt apply this simple rule. When in doubt, don't open it. The best way to protect yourself is to install a good virus program like Norton Antivirus. We run this on all our computers and have yet to suffer a virus infection. You can get Norton with live updates from http://www.symantec.com/

The other thing you need to be aware of concerning virus is that there are a lot of people on the net passing on wrong information. They receive some information about a virus and tell you that it places certain files on your computers. So you do a search and behold, you discover the files they spoke of.

Before you go deleting those file make certain these files are actually virus files and not windows normal system files. Do you homework and check out all information on virus hoaxes here... http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/hoax.html

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Yes J?

My throat is horse from making all those recordings for our websites. We must have done 45 takes and I can't talk anymore.

Really,J? What a pleasant change that will be.

Very funny, P.

I 'm looking for sympathy here and what do I get sarcasm. That's so typically Australian.

What would you like to me to say? J

I would like to you say that you are sorry to hear that my throat is sore and that you will make me some tea and honey and that I should stop working on the computer and lie down and take a rest and ya di da. You know something with some sympathy in it.

Ah, I see J, You want tea and sympathy.

Yes, P. Tea and sympathy would be nice.

Okay, J. How's this?

I am sorry that your throat is sore and that you won't be able to nag me to death about finishing that new website tonight.

I feel very badly that you are not feeling up to par and that you can't yell at me to take the garbage out.

And I am truly sorry that you have to talk in whispers in order to be heard and you won't be able to remind me every ten seconds that we are already a week late with the new piece of software we are developing.

And, by the way J, you look absolutely ravishing.

P, Go wrestle an alligator.

Crocodile J, we wrestle crocodiles here...


yes, J

Don't start....

Phil Basten & Jane Mark
Publishers - WebPro Times

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