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Volume 1 - Issue 109 - Monday, September 22, 2003

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Web Pro Times - Issue 109, September 22, 2003


No, we are not having a dinner party here.

We are taking a look at Joint Ventures.

We realized this week, after we introduced JV alert to people last week, that there is a lack of knowledge out there about joint ventures.

We thought we'd better better pop in here and give everyone the benefit of our experience both in the bricks and mortar world for 35 years where Jane was the General Partner for many limited partnerships and, on the net, where JPE Advertising does joint ventures with people all the time.


In it's simplest form. It's two people, or two business entities or groups of people or groups of business entities, coming together for their mutual benefit. It means that, when the parties join up together, they have a common goal that they want to accomplish and that they believe they can do it better as a unit then they could alone.

For example.

Let's say I want to sell all of Grandmas antique dressers.(Grandma has a lot of antique dressers) and, let's also say I don't know beans about antiques but I have a flare for the dramatic so...

I get my trusty yellow pages out and I find an antique dealer, preferably one that I like. I tell him about Grandmas antique dressers and he says great, I have a lot of contacts and I can sell them for you and all you have to do is give me a cut of the action. (sounds pretty much like an affiliate program so far doesn't it?)

I say great but hold on a second, I think we can do much better if I dress up in Grandmas antique dresses and provide great gourmet food and we make public announcements and make the selling of Grandmas dressers the event of the year. You'll make a higher commission that way and I will get a better price for Grandmas dressers ( Grandma would like that) and we will both have a hell of a time doing it. Now that's a joint venture.

The antique dealer is bringing his expertise and his contacts to the table. I am bringing the goods, the gourmet food and the flare. What do we have - probably flaming dressers- and we will both benefit more if we go this route than if we go it alone or I simply hand over the goods to him for a fee.


An affiliate program is not a Joint Venture. I know it may sound as if it is sometimes, but it not. An affiliate program is one where there is an owner of the program. You work for him selling his stuff and he pays you a commission for doing that. That's all well and good but it is not a true joint venture.

When you joint venture with someone, you need to bring something to the table other then just a program that they can join and become an affiliate of. Anyone can do that and it is a fine way to do business, but it is not a Joint Venture.

You need to ask yourself, before you approach anyone with a joint venture proposition this question: What is it that I am bringing to the table?

You need to determine in your own mind what your goal is first.

- Do you want someone to market for you?
- Do you want someone to help you grow your list
- Do you want to leverage your time and your capital?
- Do you want recognition?
- Do you want training?

Before you approach someone with a joint venture proposition, know what it is you want from them at the end of the day and make sure you spell it out clearly to yourself so you can be clear with your joint venture partner or partners.

The next step is to determine what you have to offer in order to get you to the goal you have set.

- Can you create a website?
- Are you a great copywriter?
- Do you have valuable contacts?
- Are you a research freak and can gather info and facts?
- Are you a tech whiz or a programmer?
- Do you have access to capital?
- Are you a great communicator?

Write down a list of your talents and don't say none. We don't want to hear that. If you have none, what are doing here on the net?

Everyone has a talent for doing something well, find out what your talents are and then you will know what you can bring to the table.

Here is an example of a Joint venture that Phil and I put together. It is called GEN (Global Ezine Directory) It started with an idea. We have lists. WE wanted to grow our lists fast. How could we do that? Find other like minded people with lists who also wanted to grow them and put a deal together.

We knew we could bring certain things to the table:

- our existing lists which were quite sizable,
- Phil's ability to create websites almost instantaneously
- our access to programmers and other marketers.
- Our communication skills
- Our experience on the net.

We were looking for other people with ezines who wanted to increase their subscriptions but really didn't have the time to do what Phil does nor the ability or both and we were looking for a situation where we could control what happens to the ezines, what deals the partnership entered, who entered the partnership etc.

What could we gain?

Access to enormous numbers of subscribers which could be leveraged to do bigger deals with big marketers when the occasion presented itself.

What would our joint venture partners gain?

Much the same thing, except for the lack of control over the partnership which we retained. We are the managing and coordinating partners.

We brought the idea and some talent to the table and they brought their members.

How did GEN go?

Well to give you some idea. We started with out with own numbers of 65,000 and in less than six weeks GEN has grown to embrace 48 ezine owners with a total membership reach of 759,000 subscribers. Not bad huh?

Our JV partners have gotten the benefit of additional subscribers and so have we and that's just the beginning. We are actively seeking out businesses with whom we can make deals where our considerable numbers have some clout in what we can get out of the deals. Our JV partners will all benefit from the deals we make and that is the way a JV should work.

There are many other types of joint venture which are really JV's.

Here are a few:

You have an ebook. You want to market it. You don't have the time or the know how. Your usual commission that you pay out is 50%. You go to a big marketer and say HELP!. I will pay you a 65 or 70 percent commission if you market this for me. That's a simple JV.

You are bringing something extra to the table because someone with more marketing talent is helping you out and if he can sell your ebook for you and you don't have to spend the time and money to do it, then this is a win/win proposition for everyone.


When you have an idea and you want to make it happen, you need to approach your potential partners with something they need and either don't have or don't have time to pursue and you do. Bring something to the table before you approach a potential partner. Make them an offer they can't refuse and you will find that you will be able to make deals all over the net. Win/win are the words to keep in mind. If all parties get what they want out of the deal, you have a JV works.

Now, if any of you feel you are in a position to do real JV's, then we are again going to recommend this site, JV Alert as one of the best sites we have seen on the net. You have the creme-de la creme (as one of our readers so elegantly put it) who are members and they will talk to you if you speak their lingo.



For our new readers: You should know: We always end our articles with a jingle to emphasize the point. You can capture the essence of our articles in the Jane's Jingle section every week.

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Jane's Jingle is the summary and conclusion of the editors article and
generally captures it's essence so if you need to cut to the chase, you can always skip straight to the jingle :-)


An affiliate program is not a JV
If you want my attention don't bring this to me.
Spice up the deal with something's that's great
And to the table, never be late.
Don't hem and haw, make yourself clear
State your deal clearly without any fear
You may be rejected - this is no sin
If the deal makes sense -keep at it , you'll win!

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Guest articles are seen here when we receive an article that is in keeping with the theme of WebPro Times.

Networking - 10 ways to do it better

"It's not what you know but who you know that counts"

Getting ahead in this world still relies heavily on the truth of the saying "It's not what you know but who you know that counts". Making the right contacts or networking is a vital element in a person's success. Here are ten ways to improve your own "networking" with others:

1. Never leave home without a supply of business cards - and don't be afraid to ask another person for his or her card!

2. Don't stay on the sidelines at professional functions. Mingle!

3. Carry something in your hands - a book, a brochure, a tape, even a cup of coffee - this will make you feel less self conscious.

4. Do not "sell" while you're "networking". It's your goal to meet people, not close a business deal.

5. Attend "networking" functions with a friend who can introduce you to others in attendance.

6. Dress for the occasion.

7. Ask questions; you'll make a better impression than if you keep the entire conversation focused on yourself and all you've done.

8. Follow up with a "nice to meet you" note which is also a good opportunity to enclose another business card, brochure, sales literature, or even a newsletter
if it will give someone a better idea of your abilities.

9. Keep a contact file. This will allow you to call on people from time to time as necessary. Under their details, keep a note of any pieces of personal details
they may have mentioned i.e. spouses and/or children's names.

10. Make referrals; your new contact will remember you for it!

"Networking" can work to your advantage for many months - even years - to come. Who knows? A casual acquaintance you make today may be vital to your
success tomorrow. Just remember that when the opportunities arise, be yourself, show a genuine interest in the people you meet, and follow up leads! You'll never regret having made the effort.

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Contest Winners 09.15.03 - issue 108

Congratul^ations to the Winner of last week's contest.

Mike Nixon

The question in 2 parts:
What country was the first to give women the right to vote?
What was the year that this voting right was granted?

The answer: New Zealand, 1893

Here is this week's contest question is in 2 parts.

Who are the 10 democratic candidates running for the US election in 2004?
Who is leading?

This weeks prize - Solo Ad Mailing to 10,000 contact addresses.

Send your answers to...

Contest Rules: First correct answer we receive WINS!

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Yes, J?

I think I would like to get to one million soon?

One million what J?

One Million people, P. I want to reach one million people.

J, What would you say if you could reach one million people?

You mean right now, P?

Yes, J. what would you say right now?

I would say goodnight, P and..


Yes, P

don't start...

Phil Basten & Jane Mark
Publishers - WebPro Times

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