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Volume 1 - Issue 101 - Monday, July 27, 2003

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What A Day!
The Weather's grand all over the net.

Welcome to The WebPro Times
(WPT as we affectionately call it.)

The Web Pro Times is THE ezine for business people, entrepreneurs and professional marketers.



Our Format for the WebPro Times is:

--> Editors Article
--> Guest Article (as they are approved)
--> Janes Jingle
--> Contest of the Day (win prizes)
--> Smart Tip of the Day
--> Smart Resources of the Day
--> Smart Freebie of the Day
--> Continuing Saga of J and P



This will be standalone articles or a series of articles by the Publishers, Jane Mark and Phil Basten related to all sorts of marketing endeavors, business
development and marketing tips.


Let's go...


He who Hesitates is Lost.

You know the old expression "He who hesitates is Lost"

I never really understood that expression. It seems to me that most of us would do well to hesitate just a wee bit before we go spiraling off into cyberspace.

You never know when you may encounter a cyber pothole and it might be best
to avoid them if possible so you don't break a leg.

Sometimes a little hesitation is just what the doctored ordered.

Net Preneurs have been making money on the net, (some of them) hand over
fist, since the roaring 1990's.

Mlm's, software to sell Mlms. business opps, more business ops, pop ups, pop
unders, pop overs, sliders and turn overs. They can make your head spin and plant dreams of fame and fortune in your mind.

But then that was the 1990's when people had a lot of spare jingle in their pocket to experiment with and to part with without so much as an ouch or a howdy do.


Wars, terrorists, politicians and slumping economies everywhere have taken some of the wind out of everyone's sails and today people want a lot more value for their buck.

They always have, but this was simply obscured by the excesses of the 1990's

If you want to come play in cyberspace, jump in the water's fine, but plan to
play the game with a different set of rules.


Welcome to 2003 where the world can be your oyster provided you know what
pearls people want.

Let's take a look...

Sales on the net have slowed down. There is not a lot of excess money around. That's a fact.

What do people need to do when money is tighter?

They need to get exceptional value for their dollar or they need to barter -
trade their goods, services, and plain old know how for someone else's ability,
knowledge and reach.

It has always been thus but some of us lost site of that during the past decade on the net.

If you have a business you are already engaged in or one you are contemplating starting, then take out a pencil and paper and write down these things...

What do you know well that you could use to contribute to a potential business

What help, knowledge or technical ability do you need?

Armed with that list, start talking, writing, phoning anyone and everyone who,
you believe, can assist you in putting your business plan into action.

Tell them simply, clearly and straight forwardly as you can what you have to offer and what you need from them.

You may be surprised how many people will take a serious look at your ideas.
Some of the best ideas on the net come from people who haven't a clue how to
accomplish them. That doesn't mean the idea isn't great. It just means you need help in seeing it through.

The latest buzzword on the net is Joint ventures. What we described above is a very simple form of that concept.

In a nutshell a joint venture is where you barter your ideas, ability and
expertise with someone else who has skills you don't possess to create a
viable, profitable idea, service, product so that both parties in the venture WIN!


This is what Web Pro Times is all about. Finding you the help you need to start
a business, carry out an idea and stick to it until it becomes the success you want.

Here is a start...

We recently released a new ebook. It's not your usual: "how to" book. It's more of a way to think about writing ads. It's a thought provoking compilation of ads and ideas we have used and are using in two very successful ad

This is a no frills ebook that shows you how to write ad campaigns that won't
have your readers yawning.

The way we did this is not to tell you how to write ads but how to think about
writing them by showing you what we did and giving you the reasons behind our decisions.

Follow the exploits of two delightful fictional characters, Joe and Mable, as they travel around the world wide web.

Meet up with J and P, two real life characters who put a new twist on marketing. (That's us by the way in case you haven't guessed :-)

And best part is it helps you start thinking about how to sell your product or service in a more unique way then you may be doing it now.

This is a Gem for your library


Equally importantly, you can become an affiliate and earn 50% commission of the sales. This is an easy book to sell.

The Times really are changing. If you want to become successful on the net
or, even if you are successful now, you won't stay there long if you don't
change your view of how to do business in a rapidly changing environment.

The same old, same old just doesn't work very well anymore. So when someone tells you:

"Here is how I did it. Just follow this step by step guide and you too can make
it", I would hesitate just a wee bit: and ask:

--> When was this done?
--> Is it current?
--> Will it work in today's business environment?

Some of the rules of business work all the time, but not if you approach them
in a routine and mindless way. When the Times change, best change with them.

That's what we like to do at The WebPro Times.

Come along with us for the ride.


For our new readers:
You should know that:

We always end our articles with a jingle to emphasize the point. You can capture the essence of our articles in the Jane's Jingle section every week.

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Jane's Jingle is the summary and conclusion of the editors article and
generally captures it's essence so if you need to cut to the chase, you can always skip straight to the jingle :-)


Come gather round people and heed what we say,
Working the net will see a new day,
Weed out the hype, sever the loop,
Take note of the essence and you'll have the scoop,
Instead of thin air make valid offers,
Genuine value to fill people's coffers,
Become more creative and a lot more inventive,
Give your customers a strong incentive,
To come to you instead of the next guy,
and drop all the drivel and pie in the sky.
Draw on your talents and those with a clue,
Change with the times or the times will get you.

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Guest articles are seen here when we receive an article that is in keeping with the theme of WebPro Times.


Want to get noticed? Submit an article for review and if your article is just
what our readers need to hear, we will include it here in our guest experts

Your articles must be on some aspect of online marketing that works. You
must be able to show step by step what you do and what results you get.

Submit your articles here.

You could become quite well known.

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Here are the rules:

We pose a question. You send your answer to:

The first correct answer that arrives in our email box wins. It's that simple.

What do you win?

This weeks Prize...

A solo ad run to the list addresses of the DSM network of safelists. Over 121
lists with over 65,000 members.

This week's question...

What is the national flower of Spain?

First correct answer wins the prize!


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The more sites you have linking to you the higher ranking you will achieve in
the larger search engines. Links are extremely important to your site. The
more links you have connecting to your site, the more traffic you will receive.

Be creative on how you can generate these links too. You could create a links page using a free links script.

Then simply create a page where you give away some valuable free gift such as free autoresponders, web hosting, ad submitter or something similar.

But before you give these away. Make sure you have a form on the page where the person who wants the free gift has to subscribe. That way you capture their
email address and can follow them up later with more freebies and special offers.

Then when the person subscribes you simply redirect them to the download page for the freebie you are giving them.

This achieves 3 important things.

1. Your visitors get a valuable free resource.

2. You gain a list of people you can contact about other things.

3. You gain links that will help you get higher search engine rankings.

This is where your real back end profits will be generated.

The resource we use for the WebPro Times is one of the best on the net. You can create newsletter lists, autoresponder lists that will easily do what we have
suggested above. It will even create the subscribe forms for you.

Here is the link to the resource we use.


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Most professional marketers know that soloads are still one of the best ways
to make sales on the internet.

We know, we run one of the most popular solo ads services on the net.

When you get as many clients as we do the first thing you notice is that very few people know how to write good soloads and they wonder why their ads don't do all that well.

We have been testing new resources to see if we could find a way to help our
solo ads clients.

We are happy to report that we have discovered two resources we can happily
recommend. These are the best we know of and will give you all the help you need to write soloads that get results.

Recommendation 1


Recommendation 2


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For those members want to start a webpage, who struggle with html or simply want to know how to put hoplinks in a webpage like we did on this page.

Go to htmlgoodies. This is one of the best free resource sites on the net.
You'll get all the help you need there.

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And now the answer all of you have been waiting for:

Who put the J and the P in the JPE?

Drum roll please....

Wait hold the phone, you didn't think we were going to give you the answer
in issue 1 Did you? Not on your life.

In case you haven't noticed, there are a series of ads going all around the net. They usually start J? Yes, P or P? yes J?

They are episodes in the continuing saga of J and P, The Australian and The American who formed an alliance to found JPE Advertising.

Here's how a typical episode might run.

P? yes J?

This is the first issue of the WebPro Times, I think we should have a dynamite
ending. What do you think?

Sound right, J, What's the plan?

Oh, I don't know P, maybe we could tell the story about how we met on the internet and decided to pool our talents and form a partnership or maybe we could describe Australia or New York City or something like that. What do you think?

Sounds deadly to me, J

Yeah, you're right. P

So how do you think we should end this issue, P. What's YOUR plan?

Close the door, and just say g'day to the folks, J

Close the door,P? What door P? Where's the door, I don't see any door.

J, calm down, there's always a door, you just need to find it.

Are you getting philosophical with me Australia?

Who me? New York, would I do that?

To be continued....

Phil Basten & Jane Mark

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